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The real toothpaste

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Our mission 

Estrella aims to create the new standard of oral care by creating high-quality, beautifully designed and innovative products that emanate values of sustainability, safety and health. A healthy mouth is a long term lifestyle choice. Estrella provides the knowledge and tools to accomplish this with simplicity and style.

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We want you to flaunt what you've got. In this case, your toothpaste with that great smile of yours. We focused on creating a beautiful, timeless design that will look great on any sink. There is nothing on the market that compares. Simple as that.



Our real, raw beech wood caps are made from excess furniture wood. We are committed to help fund the planting and growth of new trees around the world. We want to give back in whatever form we are capable of.

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Smiles as a language

Smiles are a universal language. They help bridge the gap between different cultures through conveying emotion without saying a single word. We want to incorporate what makes the smiles of the world so unique into new toothpastes that reflect their respective traditions.  Real people. Real smiles.